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Our History

M. Hays Biggs

Founder of Packaging Specialties
Established in 1974
Vision Statement
To efficiently and responsibly manage all current and future resources, assets and influence to bring beneficial products to our customers, community and environment.
A Brief History

Packaging Specialties, Inc. was founded in Fayetteville, AR, by Hays Biggs in 1974, with an initial focus on the U.S. poultry tray pack market. The company pioneered the use of printed PVC stretch films for poultry products and carried this packaging technology to the produce and red meat industries as well. With three printing facilities, Packaging Specialties provides printed films to over 20 different food and non-food industries with graphic composition from one-color continuous to 10-color process printing.

Our uniquely established Bumblebee logo was personally selected by Hays Biggs while watching a nature documentary that described the aerodynamics and physicality of the bee. Despite its body size and relatively small wings, the bumblebee still defies conventional theory and achieves flight. Just like the bumblebee, we at Packaging Specialties pride ourselves in striving to achieve the impossible each and every day.

PSI Georgia: (800) 650-7833
PSI Idaho: (208) 878-4801
PSI Arkansas: (479) 521-2580
Toll Free: (800) 247-3446

1663 S Armstrong Ave
Fayetteville, AR 72701

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